Azmine Toushik Wasi

ML Researcher | Exploring Machine Learning & Data Science
Experienced in IT, Automation, Project - Product Management
Kaggle Grandmaster | Tech Writer | Reader


Experience and Expertise

An idealist with distinguished experience, and expertise in Programming (Machine Learning), IT Automation, Research, Project & Product Management.

Exploring Machine Learning & Data Science

Learning, sharing, experimenting and inproving myself regularly in Machine Learning.

Involved in several research works on different ML Topics, including Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Graph Neural Networks, Knowledge Graphs in different industries - focusing on Healthcare and Drugs.

Kaggle (World's biggest online community platform for data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts) Notebooks Grandmaster. 3rd in Bangladesh, 93th globally.

Technical and Personal Writing

A moderate tech-writer with 275+ of followers on Medium and 305+ on Kaggle.
I also write in চলছে গাড়ি, যাত্রাবাড়ি (Personal Writing).

Experienced in IT Operations and Automation

Designed and developed 25+ tools to automate different workflows and increased productivity by 200-1000% using Machine Learning and Python.

Work Experience in EduTech

Worked in two of the biggest Ed-Techs of Bangladesh - 10 Minute School and Shikho from the undergraduate first year. Also, worked in some other startups and companies, too.


Student of B.Sc.(Engineering) in Industrial and Production Engineering at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh. Expected to graduate in 2024.

Volunteering - Mentoring, Training and Teaching

Topics : Programming, IT and Technology. Involved in many clubs, organizations in IT related roles; involved in lots of mentoring, training and teaching volunterily.


Love to learn new things, share my knowledge, improve existing skills, experiment with acquired skills and challenge my capabilities.


Where I studied


November 2019Current

Bachelor of Science (Engineering)

Industrial and Production Engineering
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

July 2017 - July 2019

Higher Secondary Certificate

Comilla Shikkhaboard Model College

January 2007 - March 2017

Secondary School Certificate

Ispahani Public School and College

December 2020


Counseling Skills for Everyday life
National Trauma Counseling Centre

Online Courses, Trainings and Certifications

Professional Certificates


View Details

DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer
IBM - Machine Learning
• SAS Visual Business Analytics
• Google Cloud Digital Leader

Google Career - Professional Certificates

Coursera - Google Career Certificates

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• Data Analytics
• IT Automation with Python
• IT Support Professional
• Project Management

Tracks Completed


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• Career Track - Python Programmer
• Career Track - Data Analyst with Python
• Career Track - Data Scientist with Python
• Career Track - Machine Learning Scientist with Python
• Skill Track - Machine Learning Fundamentals with Python Track
• Skill Track - Python Fundamentals
• Skill Track - Python Programming
• Skill Track - Data Literacy Fundamentals
• Skill Track - Importing & Cleaning Data with Python
• Skill Track - Time Series with Python
• Skill Track - Deep Learning in Python
• Skill Track - Statistics Fundamentals with Python


• Data Analysis with Python



• Digital Skills
• Solving Problems with Technology
• An Introduction to Coding and Design

Learning Paths

LinkedIn Learning

• Become a Software Developer
• Become a Data Analyst
• Become a Financial Analyst

Virtual Internships


View Details

• Data@ANZ Program - ANZ
• Open-Access Data Science & Advanced Analytics Virtual Experience Program - BCG
• Careers in Tech Program - Commonwealth Bank
• Engineering: Undergraduate & Masters Asia Virtual Experience Program
• Digital Technology Data Analytics Program - Genral Electric - DigitalTechnology Leadership Program
• Engineering Virtual Program - Goldman Sachs



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• Data Science, Machine Learning
• Python Core, Python for Data Science



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HarvardX PH526x: Using Python For Research
• IBMx DS0105EN: Data Science Tools


Hubspot Academy

• Content Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Frictionless Sales
• Inbound

Learning Paths

Cognitive Class

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• Python Intermidiate
• Data Science with Python
• Deep Learning
• Applied Data Science with R



View Details

• Python for Everybody
• Data Science Fundamentals
• Python 3 Programming
• Applied Data Science with Python
• Data Science Fundamentals, Facebook Social Media Marketing
• IBM Cyber Security Analyst
• Introduction to Scripting in Python
• Java as a Second Language
• Six Sigma Yellow, Green Belt
• Web Design for Everybody
• Supply Chain Management
• Project Management Principles and Practices
• Digital Manufacturing & Design Technology
• Web Applications for Everybody


My work experiences

Work Experience

2022 - Present Current

Project Executive

10 Minute School


▪ Developed 20+ Automation tools using Python & ML, increasing productivity and quality by 300%-1000%.
▪ Developed and maintained 150+ interconnected google sheets for multiple projects | Developed 20K+ educational and promotional contents.
▪ Worked in 45+ different projects | Led/Co-ordinated 30+ project segments | Leading/Coordinating 04 teams with 15+ individuals in different projects.

2021 - 2022

Manager of Research and Development



▪ Developing business, financial, operational and organizational strategies.
▪ Oversee R&D. Analyze and research about data, services, product, business intelligence.

September, 2021 - February, 2022

Live-Class Team Resources Executive

Shikho Technologies

Part time

▪ Prepared 180+ Live-Class materials in 6 projects including PPTX slides, notes, questions and others, regularly consulting with Teachers, SMEs and Executives.
▪ Quality Assurance of 300+ additional materials.

June 2021 - January 2021

Content Designer

10 Minute School


▪ Project Coordinator, Freelance Content Design Team, 10MS Jobs - Admissions.
▪ Worked in 15+ different projects, Led/Co-ordinated 5+ projects with 5+ types of different stakeholders.
▪ Designed and developed 8K+ educational and promotional content.

August 2020 - March 2021

Software Engineer

Content Designer

Xioxostic Creations


▪ Developed 5 Android Apps using Java and Used google sheets as databases.
▪ Also developed 3 complete Wordpress sites.
Google Play Store URL

Organizational and Volunteering Experiences

October 2022 - Present Current

Pie & Ai Ambassador


Arranged several DS - ML - AI workshop and meetups.

Sept. 2021 - Jan. 2022

Wing Director, Technical Facilities Enhancement

Jul. 2021 - Jan. 2022

Executive Officer (Technology, Curriculum and Research)

Joined at November 15, 2020

Black Brains

▪ Upgradation of Black Brains Office Assistant App.
▪ Developing Black Brains Micro-courses (Curriculum, Content Design, Course Assessments Design, App Integration, Database and Overall administration)
▪ Database design and management. Regular technical research, analysis and development. Website & App maintainance.

Jan 2019 - Oct 2021
Working here since April, 2020

Information Technology Manager

Bangladesh Youngster Social Organisation

Managing Program-related IT Support stuffs and tasks
BYSO - App Development for android platform with Top #3 ranking in communications app in PlayStore.
Created Central Database, and necessary management tools.
Developed IT Structure for the organization and increased productivity.

July 2021

The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021

Royal Commonwealth Society

The QCEC is the world's oldest international writing competition for schools, established in 1883. This year QCEC received about 26,000 submissions from all the commonwealth countries.

June 2021 - 2022

Feature Writer & Content Developer


Wrote several features on programming, data science, and Machine Learning. Also, developed several visual contents on different programming topics. URL:

May 17, 2021 - August, 2021

Team Lead (Human Resources Assistant)

Science Bee

Leading a team of young science enthusiasts to betterment.
Helping them explore science, technology and contribute to the community.

March 2017 - January 2021

Content Writer

Mythology - মিথলজি

Wrote 3 Series containing multiple stories and contents, 1 joint writing and a story.

July 2020 - April 2021

Online Volunteer

United Nations Volunteers

Supporting in many roles as Content Writer, Graphics Designer, Translator etc in various projects.

September 2021-2022


সন্ধি - Sondhi

▪ Charity and social events
▪ IT anf Graphical Support


C Programming Mentor

IPSC Programming Club

Trained aspiring programmers of the club for National High School Programming Contest.

Mar 2016 - Present

Co-Founder, Mentor

5D Programmers

Spreading programmming knowledge.

Virtual Internships

June 2021

Data Science and Business Analytics Intern

The Sparks Foundation - GRIP

Problem Structuring and Business Modeling with EDA, Mathematical Machine Learning Modeling

July - August, 2021

Data Analytics Intern


Problem Structuring and Business Analysis with Excel and Power BI




  • Python
  • C, C++
  • R
  • SQL

  • Statistics
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • NLP
  • Computer Vision
  • GNN - KG

  • Scikit-learn
  • Tensorflow
  • PyTorch
  • Numpy-Pandas
  • Matplotlib, Seaborn

  • SAS Analytics
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Microsoft Excel
  • MS Powerpoint
  • G-Suite Tools

  • Agile Method.
  • Product Dev.
  • Project M.
  • Research, R&D
  • Strategic Planning
  • Critical Thinking
  • IT Automation

  • Team Management
  • Communication
  • LinkedIn Skill Assessment Passed
    • ▪ Python
    • ▪ R
    • ▪ C
    • ▪ Machine Learning
    • ▪ My SQL
    • ▪ Microsoft Access
    • ▪ Microsoft Word
    • ▪ Microsoft PowerPoint
    • ▪ Agile Methodologies
    • ▪ Bash
    • ▪ IT Operations
    • ▪ Microsoft Access
    • ▪ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • ▪ Microsoft Outlook
    • ▪ Microsoft Word
    • ▪ JavaScript
    • ▪ PHP
    • ▪ HTML
    • ▪ Java
  • Other Skills
    • ▪ IT Support
    • ▪ IT Automation
    • ▪ Troubleshooting
    • ▪ SEO
    • ▪ Content Development
  • Hobbies & Interests

DataCamp Signal™ Assessments Results

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Python Programming

July 09, 2022

Percentile : Better than 99%

Score : 174

Understanding and Interpreting Data

June 08, 2022

Percentile : Better than 99%

Score : 177

Machine Learning Fundamentals in Python

July 09, 2022

Percentile : Better than 98%

Score : 165

Importing and Cleaning with Python

July 02, 2022

Percentile : Better than 95%

Score : 150

Exploratory Analysis Theory

July 20, 2022

Percentile : Better than 99%

Score : 179



Research Interests

Interested in Applied Machine Learning, broadly. I am passionate about solving challenges in different industries and building efficient, fast, and reliable models. Currently, focusing on Computer Vision, Graph Neural Networks - Knowledge Graphs, Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning.

Active Research Works

Knowledge Graphs and GNN in Healthcare

Implimentation and use of advanced Knowledge Graph and Graph Neural Networks to solve critical problems in Healthcare domain. Currently working on Knowledge Graphs and Graph Neural Networks for prediction of drug-like molecules and Drug-Drug Interactions.

Human Behaviour Analysis - FEL

Developing a better, reliable and unique NN-based ML model for Human Behaviour Analysis.


Raima Islam, Student, CSE, BRAC University
Azmine Toushik Wasi, Student, IPE, SUST
Karlo Serbetar, Deep Learning Engineer, Justacart; Physics (BS, MA), University of Cambridge
Taki Hasan Rafi, PhD Student, Computer Science, Hanyang University | BSc (EEE), AUST
Ahnaf Tahmid Saad, Student, EEE, AUST
Dong-Kyu Chae, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Hanyang University


Quality Inspection with Explainable AI

Inspecting detects using images using Computer Vision Models and analyzing the outcome with Explainable AI.


Md Asif Bin Syed, Supply Chain Analyst Intern, Volvo; MS (IE), West Virginia University | BSc (IPE), SUST
Azmine Toushik Wasi, Student, IPE, SUST

Supply Chain Optimization

Optimizing Supply Chain and Management using Operations Research Techniques powered by
Machine Learning Models, focusing on FMCG sector of Bangladesh.


MD Shafikul Islam Sohan, Student, IPE, SUST
Azmine Toushik Wasi, Student, IPE, SUST


CAFEL: Confidence-Aware Uncertainty Balancing for Robust Facial Expression Learning

Conference WorkshopUnder ReviewCVPR2023W

Azmine Toushik Wasi* | Raima Islam* | Karlo Serbetar* | Taki Hasan Rafi* | Ahnaf Tahmid Saad | Dong-Kyu Chae

Participating in CVPR 2023: 5th Workshop and Competition on Affective Behavior Analysis in-the-wild (ABAW) - CVPR2023W.


MD Shafikul Islam Sohan | Azmine Toushik Wasi

Published in ICERIE 2023 on Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Section.


* Equal Contributions


My Trophycase

Awards and Prizes

Winner (1st)

Tachyon Writing Contest - 2

January - February, 2023
Tachyon - ট্যকিয়ন

Discussions Master


November 14, 2022

Notebooks Grandmaster


September 08, 2022

Notebooks Master


June 16, 2022


GDN Presenta

May 10, 2021
Graduate Development Network - SUST

Best Designer and Powerpoint Maker

Intra GDN SUST Skill Development Workshop 2021

April 23, 2021
Graduate Development Network - SUST

Top 20 in Bangla

What Liberation Means to Me? 2021

March 2021
Youth Opportunities and Bangladesh Highcommission of India

2nd Runners Up

Podiam 1.0

Octaber, 2021
Graduate Development Network - SUST

Priliminary Winner

International Youth Math Challenge 2020

September 2020
International Youth Math Challenge

Priliminary Winner

International Youth Math Challenge 2019

September 2019
International Youth Math Challenge

National Winner

National Earth Science Olympiad

September 2019
Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI)

Silver Award

The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition - 2019

August 2019
The Royal Commonwealth Society

Winner (1st Place)

Bangladesh Chemistry Olympiad, Cumilla Region

January 2019
Bangladesh Chemistry Olympiad

Winner (5th Place - Joint)

Bangladesh Physics Olympiad, Cumilla Region

December 2018
Bangladesh Physics Olympiad


Bangladesh Zoology Olympiad,Cumilla Region

November 2018
Bangladesh Zoology Olympiad

Winner (11st)

National High School Programming Contest 2017

March 2017
ICT Division, Bangladesh

Winner (3rd)

National High School Programming Contest 2016

March 2016
ICT Division, Bangladesh

সেরা পাঠক পুরস্কার (২০১৩)
অভিনন্দন পুরস্কার (২০১৪)
শুভেচ্ছা পুরস্কার (২০১৬)

বই পড়া প্রতিযোগিতা

বিশ্বসাহিত্য কেন্দ্র, Bangladesh


My Works and Projects

Featured Project

Divorce Prediction & Reasons : Machine Interpretation Analysis with XGB, SHAP, RFE

The objective of this project is to present an extensive analysis on the causes and predicting divorces with XGB,SHAP,RFE. Divorce (also known as dissolution of marriage) is the process of terminating a marriage or marital union.
Top reasons found from analysis :
1. My spouse and I do not have similar ideas about how marriage should be.
2. We’re just starting a discussion before I know what’s going on.
3. I don't know my spouse’s basic anxieties

Read More

Active Personal Projects

AI Generated Image to Text Conversion

AI Generated Image to Text Conversion for better understanding and
interpreting Image Generation models for better prompt engineering.

Error (Grammertical, Puncuations, etc) Detection in
Bangla Sentences

Working to detect errors in Bangla Sentences using NLP techniques.

Kaggle Notebooks

AQI Index - Geosphatical Analysis and Prediction. Used seaborn, matplolib, bokeh, plotly, seaborn, pandas.

A brief tutoial on different Clustering Techniques & Algorithms.

A brief tutoial on Different Techniques of Imputation. Used pandas, numpy, seaborn, Scikitlearn, XGBoost.

A brief tutoial on 7 Cross Validation Methods. Used pandas, numpy, seaborn, Scikitlearn.

A brief tutoial and analysis on Clustering. Used pandas, numpy, seaborn, Scikitlearn.

A detailed exploratory data analysis of Export Processing Zones of BD with necessaey Viz. Used pandas, seaborn, plotly, geopandas & bokeh.

A detailed exploratory data analysis of Coursera Courses of BD with necessaey Viz. Used pandas, numpy, seaborn, matplotlib.

A detailed exploratory data analysis of Cristiano Ronaldo - Club Goals with necessaey Viz. Used pandas, numpy, seaborn, matplotlib.

A detailed exploratory data analysis of Lionel Messi - Club Goals with necessaey Viz. Used pandas, numpy, seaborn, matplotlib.

A brief tutoial on Bias-Variance Tradeoff. Used pandas, numpy, seaborn, Scikitlearn.

A detailed exploratory data analysis of Divorce with necessaey Viz. Predicted with XGBoost. Then, analyzed featured for PCA. Used pandas, numpy, seaborn, xgboost, shap, scikit-learn.

Kaggle Datasets

This dataset contains all the player stats of UEFA Champions League season 2021-22 .

Reviews, Best Quotes, Key learning points of the Best Happiness Books available.

Match, Team & Player - Detailed Stats of English Premier League Season 2021-22.

Date-Time, Assist, Opponent, Match Info - All 680/+ Club Goal of Lionel Messi.

Date, Time, Opponent, Match - All 698/+ Club Goal stats of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Investor, Investment, Country, Export Earnings data of EPZs of Bangladesh.

Reviews, Ratings, Installs, Size and all specs. of all Gameloft Android games.

Most used 3200+ words, categorized by Parts of speech. Can be used in NLP.

Authors, Reviews, Quotes, Key Takeways from the books.

IT Automation Tools

PhotoFrame Automator 2.0

Oct - Nov, 2021

Uses pillow and open cv to automate the process, to detect faces in a image, crop accordingly - placing the face in center and then place the image to the frame, then save to both png and pdf for further use.

XData Automator

Feb, 2021

Transforms collected raw data to well-organized #excel sheets for better processing, management and storing.

For YT project, I used PyPDF2, Pandas, pdftotext with os and subprocess. For YT project, OpenCV, pillow for image and text processing, and pandas to process data from Google Sheets.

Android Apps

Xioxostic Creations

Used Java and Android Studio to code an note taking app with to-do list.

Used MIT AI to code and Google Sheets as a Database. A full-comprehensive app with multiple dashboards and unique organizational features to manage employees and learners.

Used MIT AI to code and Google Sheets as a Database. A full-comprehensive app with multiple dashboards and unique organizational features to manage members, donations and organizers. Blood Donation Management Feature added (currently not is active use).



Data Related Services

Data Analysis
Machine Learning Models
Machine Learning Research
Data Visualizaton
Automation Tool
BI Analytics

Other Services

Web Scraping
Product Development
Project Management
IT Operations
Research and Development
Business Development


My Thoughts, Technical Writings and Articles


চলছে গাড়ি, যাত্রাবাড়ি

Technical Blogs - Articles

আর্টিফিশিয়াল ইন্টেলিজেন্স (AI) টেকনোলজির
যুদ্ধে মাইক্রোসফট কীভাবে এগিয়ে গেলো?

OpenAI - Microsoft ডিলের কারণে OpenAI-এর GPT-3 মডেলটি মাইক্রোসফট তাদের বিভিন্ন প্রোডাক্টে ইউজ করতে পারবে। GPT-3 হলো একটা এডভান্সড ন্যাচারাল ল্যাঙ্গুয়েজ প্রসেসিং মডেল, অর্থাৎ এটা টেক্সট-ডাটা নিয়ে ক্লাজ করতে পারে।
এখন MS Office-এ যদি ChatGPT থাকে? এক্সেলের সূত্র লিখার দিন শেষ! স্লাইডও হয়তো ডিজাইন করে দিতে পারবে, আউটলুক হয়তো নিজেই মেইল লিখে পাঠিয়ে দিবে! এটাই চায় মাইক্রোসফট!

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এ আই কীভাবে কাজ করে? - ০১
মেশিনের পড়ালেখা

ধরি, একটা রচনা লিখতে হবে। টপিক একদম নতুন, বাইরের কোনো সোর্স ইউজ করা যাবেনা। কেউ হয়তো ভালোভাবে জানিও না টপিকটা নিয়ে। ২০ মার্কস। আমরা কীভাবে কাজ করবো এটা একটু ভাবি। আরেকটা শর্ত, কেউ কারো থেকে দেখে লিখবেনা। তবে ম্যাম, খাতা দেয়ার পর নিজেরা এনালাইসিস করতে পারবো।
যারা পারে ভালো হবে হয়তো, যারা কিছুই জানেনা তাদের খারাপ হবে কিছুটা। তারপর টিচার এসে মার্কিং করবে। হায়েস্ট ২০ এ ১২, লোয়েস্ট ৩-৪ আসবে ধরলাম। এখন সবাই যদি শিখতে চাই, তাহলে কি করবো? যে ভালো মার্কস পাইসে তার খাতা নিয়ে দেখবো। কী লিখলে ভালো মার্কস আসে তা দেখবো। যে আগেই ভালো লিখসিলো, সে বুঝবে যে, না আরেকটু ভালো লিখা যাবে এখন। আমি এই এই জিনিস বাদ দিসিলাম। তাইনা?

Read More
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XGBoost is an open-source software library which provides a regularizing gradient boosting framework for C++, Java, Python, R, Julia, Perl, and Scala...

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. From data collection, analysis, modification to machine learning, deployment, everything can be done very easily here.....

Cluster analysis or clustering is the task of grouping a set of objects in such a way that objects ...

Imputation is a technique used for replacing the missing data with some substitute value to retain most of the data/information of the dataset...

This tradeoff in complexity is why there is a tradeoff between bias and variance. An algorithm can’t be more complex and less complex at the same time...

“” এটা একটা পাইথন শিখার সাইট, এটা দিলে এইরকম আর কি কি সাইট বা ব্লগস আছে সেগুলোয় আসবে সামনে...

মেথডলজি হলো, একটা নির্দিষ্ট টপিকে কাজ করার জন্য যেসন প্রিন্সিপালস (মূলনীতি) ও তার প্রসেসগুলা মিলে কাজ করার একটা সিস্টেম...

এক কাজ করি, মোবাইলে জিপিএস অন করে এক পা সামনে যাই, গুগল কি জানে এটা? জানে! প্রতি ৩ সেকেন্ডে ৬ মিলিমিটার এর মুভমেন্ট-ও সে নিখুঁতভাবে মাপতে পারে ...

Don’t add a certificate to your CV or profile if you don’t feel confident about the learnings...

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